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Who needs Editing?

Does each and every writer need a book editor? Read more

Authors, Books, and More

We all do.

I am all for books. Be it published, self-published, eBooks, audio books, hardcover, paperback, series, stand-alones, anything goes. The only requisites are quality and professionalism.

While quality is a matter of taste and even perception, professionalism is a goal well within reach. Yet, lazily put together books that are not edited or even proofread are being published every day.

Therein lies the problem of self-published titles.

While not all self-published books lack basic editing, an overwhelming majority does and that makes it difficult for the rest.

It’s hard to believe that the need for editing is at all a question. Whether you are a self-published author seeking readers for your book or a writer seeking a traditional publisher or even a best-selling author, everyone benefits from an objective expert analysis.

Objective Expert Analysis being the operative words.

Objective :  Your wife, brother-in-law, or your best friend are…

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