Review Policy

I am open for review requests, please follow the process outlined below:


  1. Send a REVIEW request

All review requests should come via e-mail with the following details.

Title :

Genre: [Action/Adventure, Mystery/Thriller, Young Adult, Romance, etc]

Word count:

Book Synopsis (200 – 250 words):

Release Date:


Links to where your novel is listed for sale: (Amazon/ Barnes & Noble/ Kobo, etc)


  1. Submit your book

If I like your synopsis, I will ask you to mail me a copy of your book in ePub/.mobi format only. I may not be able to respond to review requests for books that I am not interested in or cannot take up at the time.

PLEASE NOTE: Your book must be either already published or on pre-order on a retailer site like Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, etc. I do not accept ARC or finished manuscripts for review.


  1. The REVIEW process

If you have requested a review and upon reading I rate your book less than 3, I will not publish the review. Alternatively, if I find the book not to my liking, I may not complete reading the book, hence no review.

I will notify you via email once your review is published on my blog.


Review Policy


  1. I only review books that belong to certain genres
  • Mystery & suspense
  • Thrillers & action-adventure
  • Literary fiction
  • Women’s fiction
  • Romance
  • Children’s literature and YA/MG
  • Narrative non-fiction like memoirs and biographies
  1. I accept all books be it traditionally published or self-published.
  1. All books are under consideration but I do not guarantee a review for any book. I also cannot commit to any timelines.
  1. The author/publisher of the book is free to use the review anywhere with correct reference/acknowledgement. Please seek written permission from me.
  1. I will post the review on third party sites like goodreads and librarything but cannot commit to any timelines.



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