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Who needs Editing?

Does each and every writer need a book editor? Read more

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We all do.

I am all for books. Be it published, self-published, eBooks, audio books, hardcover, paperback, series, stand-alones, anything goes. The only requisites are quality and professionalism.

While quality is a matter of taste and even perception, professionalism is a goal well within reach. Yet, lazily put together books that are not edited or even proofread are being published every day.

Therein lies the problem of self-published titles.

While not all self-published books lack basic editing, an overwhelming majority does and that makes it difficult for the rest.

It’s hard to believe that the need for editing is at all a question. Whether you are a self-published author seeking readers for your book or a writer seeking a traditional publisher or even a best-selling author, everyone benefits from an objective expert analysis.

Objective Expert Analysis being the operative words.

Objective :  Your wife, brother-in-law, or your best friend are…

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self publishing

The Top 4 Reasons for Self Publishing

Self Publishing Tips for Authors

Authors, Books, and More

From its humble and dubious beginnings in 2005 to the poise and self assuredness of 2014, self-publishing has come a long way. It has matured, evolved and finally come into its own.

Today, trade publishers, elitists, or established authors do not look down upon self-publishing, it is the self-published author himself who does the disservice. Books with minimal editing or thought are rushed out faster than a school assignment to fill the virtual bookshelves. The vast majority of authors have no interest in feedback or improvement. They don’t need to anymore. Who’s going to stop them from publishing?

As we step into 2015, authors need to embrace self-publishing the way readers have. Readers discriminate between good and bad books not traditionally published and self-published ones; embracing quality without making excuses is the only way forward.

Let’s look at the top 4 Reasons for Self-publishing that are repeated ad nauseam by…

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